Place as a Service – PaaS

What does it look like when you think of a place, as a service? How can communities bypass the often clunky and long time frames of government processes to improve where they live? How can people create and own the changes that is required to make their community thrive again? What makes a great place to live? We don’t know, … Read More


I worked with Penny Hagen to provide a short design workshop to help the effervescent LifeHack bring design thinking tools into their practice. The workshop assisted them to understand each others vision for the LifeHack Labs events, align internally and start to build a cohesive strategy for delivery. I continue to be “a friend of LifeHack”, mentoring teams on the LifeHack … Read More

Fat Lip

In this collaboration with Bodj, I designed a simple log basket using local sustainable materials (rattan) and craft-based manufacturing techniques. Doing away with the traditional notion of a handle, the oversize rim of ‘Fat Lip’ can be grabbed anywhere, resulting in an ergonomically preferable design solution, whilst the light weight steel frame within the basket provides a splash of contemporary colour. … Read More