In 2002 I started Northwards Design Studio in London as a vehicle to explore object-oriented design projects.

13 years later and as design has evolved, so has the work I do and how I think about design and its value. Today NDS is an umbrella term for the work I perform as an individual and the network of collaborators that I can draw on to solve increasingly complex design problems.

I have diverse experience in design and innovation projects that cross disciplines, industries and sectors, and have won a number of awards in the process. I have been a business owner, academic, public servant and currently work in a leading design agency in New Zealand.

In the UK I was chief instigator and creator of two design collectives – SHIFT & TEN. These initiatives brought together new and established designers to produce creative responses to challenges of economic development and sustainability through design interventions.

I kick-started the MIT Fab Lab movement in Aotearoa by starting the first Fab Lab in Australasia and organised the 8th annual Fab Lab conference in 2012, aptly named Fab8NZ. I host the first Internet of Things Meetup in New Zealand, IoT WGTN. I was also one of the original team that brought Gov Jams to central government in Wellington.

I am currently Service Innovation Director at DNA where I work across innovation challenges. This includes business models, service and customer experience strategy, customer research and sensemaking. I collaborate and work across DNA teams in both Auckland and Wellington and alongside our other senior practitioners, I am responsible for cultivating team culture and developing new practise approaches.

My current focus is reframing organisational challenges to create novel approaches to increasingly complex problems. To do this I am exploring new combinations of methods, tools and techniques from a range of disciplines.

I have exhibited my work, taught my craft and talked about design internationally and I am an active participant in the design and innovation community here in New Zealand.

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